Together We Made it… (Cont.)

So much for that plan… Sorry. lol I’m still gonna drop the new iTQ app soon… and yes it’ll be pre-loaded with my album. It just so happened that the whole thing took a right turn when I got back with my old team about halfway through. We caught a wave… We’re still on that bitch. Surfboard. […]

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Black Friday…

(cont. from I’ll drop the album release date next friday… Black Friday. I’m gonna drop it along with a free Christmas gift to put yo ass right in the spirit too… That will be the last #NMT b4 the album drops and will mark the end of the current iTQ app. You’ll get a goodbye message […]

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A Legendary State of Mind…

I’m starting 2012 off in the best way possible… I’m in the studio. The most comfortable place for me by far. The one thing I’m gonna go ahead and accept about myself is that when I’m recording a TQ album I can’t multitask. Period. This is the time when everybody is pissed cuz they can’t […]

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Last Year

Man that was a trip. 2010 was eventful to say the least… It was one of those rollercoaster years you know? One minute you’re up and on your way down. The next minute it’s vice versa. One thing was for sure… Man I stayed busy. My album “Kind of Blue” did a good job for […]

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Boy it’s almost over… 2010 was a year of setup for your boy. In the ever changing biz of music it’s hard to stick to plan but impossible to move without one. At the end of the day I just thank God for my fans. I keep dropping my indie records and they keep supporting […]

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