Black Friday…

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I’ll drop the album release date next friday… Black Friday. I’m gonna drop it along with a free Christmas gift to put yo ass right in the spirit too… That will be the last #NMT b4 the album drops and will mark the end of the current iTQ app. You’ll get a goodbye message in the following days. At that point trash it cuz it’s a wrap. The new app will drop on the album release date and will be pre-loaded with the album and mad other shit. All the #NMT’s will be there together along with new photos, video, and a lot of other content EXCLUSIVE to the app. It comes with lots of new highly useful features like portals to my social media pages, shareable playlists, a TQ Radio station (MUCH BETTER than Pandora), and the new TQtv viewer, which is your way into my busy life… I’m gonna take you guys to rehearsal, boring ass meetings, my video shoots, vacations, Ty’s basketball games, and anything else interesting that I can come up with… The whole point is to make your experience of enjoying my music, easier and more user friendly than ever. If I’m coming to your town, please believe you can get your ticket and order your T-Shirt right from the app… and If I’m not coming to your town, I’ll have the ability to stream live performances right to your phone…

We fuckin’ doing this shit you dig? My Trojans are a special breed… I’m tying to arm you guys with a sweet tool to recruit more Trojans… It’s power in numbers and time is money. If anybody asks you about me and my music, I want the simple answer to be…

Download the App.

Big announcement coming… Black Friday.

Stay Tuned.

It's Over

It’s over…


I’d tell the best of us to man up. This journey right here? Will be something to talk about if there’s anybody left to talk. On one hand so many things need to be said… For the good of all of us. On the other hand, nigga got to get paid. There was a time when both of those feats could be accomplished pretty easily by the few of us that were so inclined to do so. Those days are over. And if you’ve done it, You really don’t have a right to complain about it. No complaints here, But you know us. We never satisfied… I told you already there are still some things I wish for.

I wish I could tell you that most of what you’ve been taught is complete bullshit, but I could never do that.

I wish I could tell u that race, religion and politics ain’t worth shit and the only thing about life that means anything is how u feel about what you see in the mirror every morning, but man that would sound selfish right? By no means should u love yourself u know? Right?

I mean shit, I wish I could say that I’ve been in an Arab country watching the news at the airport, hopped a 15 hr flight, landed at home, turned on the news, and heard the EXACT same story with TOTALLY different facts! But I couldn’t dare say that in public… That would be like telling you that Ebola has been a weapon for decades. No way.

Don’t nobody wanna hear that shit. At least not the vast majority. That’s over. On to the getting paid… If the people don’t want weed no more, and they want heroin, but you know the heroine is going to harm them and the weed ain’t, what are u gonna do? Figure it out.

Down goes the hardline effort to keep it pure. Pure is over. The last purists are probably reading this, so in short supply, do it for them… And I will continue to do it… FOR THEM.

Now for the masses it’s a different story. They just want a beat. So give ‘em beats. Shit, everybody wants beats! Apple wanted Beats right? lol (They bought them though) Anyway, the game has definitely changed. I say to the purists (Trojans), bear with the game. NMT is yours. It won’t just be remakes either… Real live original TQ music that you love. Unattached to projects or releases, just some good shit for you to bump and reflect… Reflect on music full of lyrics and meaning. Full of positive reinforcement. Full of reality.

Full of California Soul.

It’ll never be over. WESTSIDE4LIFE

A Legendary State of Mind…

TQ in New OrleansI’m starting 2012 off in the best way possible… I’m in the studio. The most comfortable place for me by far. The one thing I’m gonna go ahead and accept about myself is that when I’m recording a TQ album I can’t multitask. Period. This is the time when everybody is pissed cuz they can’t get me on the phone. This is when I normally got dumped when I had girlfriends. This is when I routinely missed out on some good opportunity cuz I wasn’t available. Well… I guess I gotta accept the consequences of my actions right? Play with the hand I’m dealt… You can’t have the best of everything. I love music. My job is to make it. Repeat the last two sentences to yourself. I’m one of the luckiest, most blessed people on Earth just by those two sentences. So right now I’m camped in a studio out in some empty town in Texas. The great part is that it has these storm shutters that cover the windows. I don’t have a clue about the weather. Skip Bayless tells me when its time to get at it. I set the TV to come on for First Take every morning… My iPhone? Man who the fuck knows? Wherever it is it’s on silent. My beard looks like Rip Van Winkle. I been at it all nite… Maybe I got 2-3 hours of sleep I don’t know… I just know I’m trying to do some Legendary shit. I’m not trying to do shit that ain’t provocative. Last nite I did a song about my promiscuous girlfriends and how we can all just “get along”… It’s provocative.

To say the least…

There is music everywhere. Yesterday it was music and football, but that shit is over for a week and the Lakers win all the time anyway so… This week we goin’ extra hard. We goin’ Legendary hard.

Imma start using my blog more often… These are the times when I’m in a Legendary state of mind. I got my Guitar Player and my Drummer with me. I got Cafe Brule, Charles Krug and Chimay on deck. My Kush selection is fucking exquisite. Ain’t none of us going no place soon except out back to the grill or to the workout room. When I leave here I’m leaving with some Legendary shit…

Legendary. I like that.


Last Year

Man that was a trip.

2010 was eventful to say the least… It was one of those rollercoaster years you know? One minute you’re up and on your way down. The next minute it’s vice versa. One thing was for sure… Man I stayed busy. My album “Kind of Blue” did a good job for me! I should’ve put it out by myself tho. The company that distributed it was shit and I see that I really didn’t need them for anything… Cuz they really didn’t do anything! Lol! Anyway, it I wanna take this time to thank everyone that supported the album. I really appreciate the love. I also did a slew of collabz with all kinds of artists from all kinds of places! The studio is my temple and last year I got mines in… all planting the seeds for this new year. Now let’s see what grows…

Enough about business. This ain’t that type of blog today. Today we on some real life, all important shit. I’m thankful because I’m blessed. I travel around the world to some of the damnest places and see some of the worst sites imaginable. Health and strength breeds happiness if your heart is right… Is your heart right? I sit back and look at the roof over my head and I’m thankful. I take a deep breath and rejoice in the ability to do so. How many people can’t? How many people are in some cold hospital bead right now not knowing how long they have left? In August I was laying in a hospital bed having surgery in my stomach to remove what I thought was cancer… Talk about scary! Turned out to be some kind of benign cysts that had been there for years. They had to come out tho. It took me out of play for about a month and I’ll never forget that period not knowing what was wrong with me… Or would I ever be the same again. It ain’t easy for a man to go from picking up 300lbs to being on bed rest. I made it thru it tho… I got a clean bill of health and I’m back to normal thank God. I promise to never take the air I breathe for granted.

In 2010 I was determined to fix my family. Over time, the hustle can have u debilitated to the point that u lose the things that you hold dearest. I was determined not to allow that to happen. With a couple of my family relationships I had to bite the bullet. One particular person is probably the Queen of WRONG. In 2010 I repeatedly allowed her to be right. Instead of fighting I just agreed with everything. She built a hole so big that I was the only person with a rope long enough to get her out. I didn’t dangle it over the edge or make her grovel. I just thru the rope in and pulled her out. For that I’m blessed… I’m sitting at the airport with both my kids. In 2010 they spent Christmas together for the first time. I thank u God from the bottom of my heart… From the bottom of my heart.

In no way am I trying to say that things ain’t at an all time level of “fucked-upness”, but they could definitely be a LOT worse. I haven’t had some great revelation. Shit is as it was. I still hate the Celtics, Arsenal, and Alabama Football. Oprah and Rachel Ray can still get it. Skinny Jeans are still fruity and Love is still a crock of shit. One thing is for certain tho…

We are truly blessed and highly favored. Thank God for your life today.

I know I am…



Boy it’s almost over… 2010 was a year of setup for your
boy. In the ever changing biz of music it’s hard to stick to plan
but impossible to move without one. At the end of the day I just
thank God for my fans. I keep dropping my indie records and they
keep supporting me and my family. In 2010 thaz what I call a
blessing… My album “Kind of Blue” showed me a lot this year. It
showed me how powerful the music buying public can be if u give
them something they like. This time around I saw a lot of
newcomers. New faces, new email addresses, and new questions about
old music! LOL! That tells me that u guys are definitely spreading
the word… That, my friends is PRICELESS and I thank you all from
the bottom of my heart! So now here we are on the brink of 2011 and
I got a lot of irons in the fire. I’ve learned my lesson with
giving up information up front so I’ve been pretty quiet about my
moves. U never know what can happen in the indie music world and
most people just don’t understand. No need to either… Just had to
switch the way we do things around here ya know? Easy enough. But
now it’s time to let u guys in on a couple things… Ready? Last
year I did a deal with a pretty well known company in the UK. It’s
a very unconventional deal that will hopefully bring the tools that
I’ve been missing for the last couple of years… A higher level of
marketing and promotions. I’m always looking at my record sales
like “Damn… I do this ALL by myself! Imagine if I had some
help!”. Well this time around I have a little help… I have a new
collaboration coming out in Europe early next year and we’re
blasting it out just in time for New Years. The Project features me
and British newcomer Danielle Senior and the name of the song is
“Uh Oh”. It’s set to release February 9th 2011 and it’s the story
of a guy and a girl at the club with their significant other, but
can’t keep their eyes off of each other! Lol! I’ve been in that
situation a couple times… I know some of you have too! Anyway,
the new single just went to radio and the video has already
been added to 4Music and Box TV in the UK! Lol! Sorry guys… Some
shit is better left unsaid u know? Proof is in the pudding! You
guys can check out the New video EXCLUSIVELY at Muzu.tv and the 4Music Homepage at
4music.com. Keep your eyes on your TV
tho cuz it’ll be showing up over the holidays! Check it out! I’m
DYING to hear what some folks have to say about this one… LOL!
Please leave comments! A lot of you have already heard the new
Gyptian single featuring your boy and we’re shooting the video for
that one in Jamaica real soon! The name of the song is “In My Life”
and I must say it’s getting GREAT response so far!!!! U can check
it out on all of my sites, Facebook, Youtube, Myspace, etc…
REQUEST!!!! THANX FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT!!! In another business
venture from last year, I’ve just commissioned the T.A.R. Jean
Company. Specializing in laid back, edgy, California Couture’,
Tylon And Rashaun’s Jean Company is my new clothing line and
hopefully hitting the stores in time for Fall 2011. I’m doing mens,
women’s, and children’s styles with a focus on art and photography
in the designs. This line is made especially for today’s laid-back
Liberal and life of the party Conservative with an all important
eye for style, class, and comfort. It’s in it’s infant stages, but
I’m really excited about it! Get ready cuz T.A.R. Jeans is
coming… Meanwhile, U know I’m constantly in my favorite place…
the studio. I’m working on a new album tentatively titled
“Legendary” and man this mufuh is SMOKIN’ so far…. What till u
get a load of this… Thaz all ‘m saying about that right now tho.
LOL! On to the next one… U wanna see me live? Well I’m in process
of making it happen… Stay tuned cuz dates are about to start
droppin shortly. ASIA! I’m SO THERE this year! Same for the good
ole US of A ya dig? It’s been awhile right???? Europe… U already
know wuzzup. Watch the sites!!!! Which brings me to this point…
“Sites”. I got too many of them… In my line of work u have
to cuz it just ain’t possible to conduct your biz without them. But
I swear it all gets overwhelming sometimes… I need to simplify
this shit. I got 2 kinds of fan that I really need to service… I
got a lot of new people that have come on board in the last couple
years due to Paradise and KOB… These people want to know the TQ
History. Then I have my die hards that know my history better than
I do. They just want the NEW shit! News, music, video, merchandise,
etc. Get it to them fast and don’t make them have to go thru too
much to get it! I GET IT! LOL! I got the solution… For all the
people who are sick of hearing “Westside” a thousand times (jk),
this is for YOU!!!! http://tqofficialsite.com is my new
OFFICIAL website… It’s a centralized location for everything I
have poppin’ at the moment. Click on it and bookmark it! All TQ
news will drop here FIRST!!!! Stay tuned for more functionality in
the next couple days. Join The Forum and let me know what u think
of the site! Also, I have posted a thread in The Forum that can
make u guys some money… Go check it out and get paid!!!! I have a
fully functioning iphone app that my boy made for me that will
allow me to update and do pretty much anything with the site from
my iPhone. It’s on! If u guys post, comment, or share ANYTHING from
the site I can see it and act!!! It’s on!!! For all the newbies, if
u want the full experience from day one go here: www.thugpoetry.com Every song. Every
video. EVERYTHING TQ is on this site! It’s been around since the
beginning and was started and hosted BY MY FANS… U can spend all
day over here. TRY IT!!!! 2011 is coming peeps… I’m getting ready
for it. Are you ready? WESTSIDE4LIFE!!!!

Movin Fast… The Fastlane

Movin way too fast…

Talkin’ bout hustlin’? What u know about hustlin’? I hear many talk about it, but when it’s gets down to it who can effectively make it happen? Niggas rap about being the new Freeway. The real Nino Brown. Scarface reincarnated. Poster children for Generation X. Fast money, fast women, fast cars and a fast trial. This is what we value. Speed.

The Fastlane.

You ever been on the freeway in traffic thinking if U can just get in the far left lane u’d be cool? Only to find out it’s the hardest lane to get out of? It looked like it was moving so fast before u got in it right? We fall for that trick every time. And so the game is played. Cuz that applies to more than just the freeway.

Our borders have been flooded with hustler’s bounty since the end of Vietnam. Heroine and Cocaine ran up and down the 5 like mile markers. Niggas got rich. Cops got rich. Congressmen, lawmakers, and foreign heads of state got richer. Then somebody found a way to cut so sharp and cook so well that they could feed the masses with a cheap product with a 500% return. Game over. Niggas died along with whole neighborhoods. It’s the 80′s and welcome to Crack. I was young but I remember all the older cats. I remember their conversations. Everybody had a plan… “Imma hustle up to a key and when I flip that bitch I’m in!” It was like a script that everybody read. When I saw them same cats blowin’ it up around me that script became scripture. The key to success fast is selling drugs straight up! Thaz the truth about this thing.

Yes we are the X factor. The first generation of American minority “We don’t give a fucks”. The 70′s babies were the first on record to feel some sense of entitlement to happiness regardless. We were the first ones born under liberation instead of oppression generation-wide. The Civil/Women’s rights movements were over. It was possible for a well off minority family in the US to live up in the hills. Or a woman up there by herself without the help of any man with no questions asked. The classe system in the US became economic instead of racial… In other words we caught up to the rest of the world. Me being called “Boy” was now grounds to get ya ass beat. Blacks, Latinos, and Asians and regular old white folks became prominent and a part of American culture. White kids wanted to be like Mike as much as Bird and didn’t have a problem with it. The thought of going from nothing to something has always been stronger in our minds than in that of our parents and Grandparents. I used the people who told me that I “couldn’t” as stepping stones. The generations b4 us took them as the truth.

Hell naw. Not us.

Fastlane to the late 80′s. We as a family ain’t doing so well. I’m getting older and there’s some shit I want. I got sense. My fam ain’t got it to give so I gotta go get it… One way or another. I had some homies that were making a fair amount of dough hitting trains late at nite. They were getting shoes, clothes, brick phones, and all kinds of shit to sell. I never fucked with them cuz they were the silly bunch. They liked to gangbang more than hustlin. I never really cared what color a nigga wore. That just didn’t mean that much to me. I always played by the rules, but it just didnt move me like that. I didn’t really understand the big deal. Now havin’ thangs? I understood that perfectly. So when I got word that those trains now had some new and interesting cargo coming down Alameda on a regular I was all in.

The Soviet Union had recently crumbled. The wall was down in Berlin and the Cold War was over. FOR WHATEVER REASON (hint, hint) a lot of these trains were now filled with overseas made weaponry. All kinds of guns, military supplies, scrap metal and machine parts that were headed somewhere shady I’m sure. History was my favorite subject. My little mind got to wandering and the conspiracies started in my head. Hmmmmm… Let me hush now. Fastlane to the 90′s.

Everything has changed at this point. I am speeding. I got a situation brewing. I got cats coming to my school fuckin’ with me at the fence. I got lil dramas in my neighborhood cuz my homies say I don’t wanna run if it ain’t bout no money… Um… ok. They’re also gettin a lil antsy about the fact that some of my closest family are from the other side of the freeway and relations ain’t the best at the moment. Meanwhile I’ve been introduced to Mr. Mikhail Kalashnikov who is now the king of the streets. I know exactly where he lives and the rent is cheap. The last thing I’m trying to hear is bullshit from the niggas I grew up with. Most of my time at this point was spent with the older cats anyway. It had to be. I was young. I just wanted Jordans. They knew that so I stayed up to something. I don’t know if that was good or bad. Most of them are in jail right now… Most of the ones my age are dead.

All of us were moving too fast.

Old Skippy and Thelda Jean were moving faster. I was on a plane to Atlanta with Lil’ Cluck and none of the shit in the previous paragraphs meant anything. The Fastlane came to a screaching halt. I fell asleep at the wheel and ran outta gas seconds b4 a multi-car pileup. Now on the weekend I’m pushing a lawnmower in a Red 49er jersey and a Blue Dodger hat. It’s hot as fuck. For some reason I’m as happy as I’ve ever been… At peace.

Like a 2 lane highway on a back road in a 83 Cadillac with the windows down bumpin’ “Under the Bridge” going 40 miles an hour… Slow.

Thank God 4 Slow…

This was the inspiration for “The Fastlane” from my New Album “Kind of Blue” in Stores and Online March 23rd, 2010. It features Watts native Glasses Malone who rocked the shit out of it. Support good Music!


Welcome to Hollywood.

Everybody is a star. Flat out let’s even the playing field. Instead of performing for the fans we’ll just play to each other. How many cd’s have I received that I just couldn’t do shit with? Didn’t matter if I liked it or not. I couldn’t do shit with it. Try to explain that to the cat the next time u in that city and he expects u to remember. When u don’t?”Man fuck that nigga… Blah blah blah.” It’s a fucked up game. Cats are putting they’re hearts, souls, and hard earned money into this dream of making it big. How many of them end up bad? Did anybody ever stop to think that it’s 2 sides to every story? Did anybody ever research the tragedies? Have u ever thought about the price of fame? Like, what if u made it? What would u do? Could u handle it?

Fool we don’t give a fuck about that shit. We tryin’ to ball. Fuck being broke. Imma rap! And there it is… At that point I sit back and wait to see ‘em on BET… Or not. It’s no set way for this thing to go. Call it what u want. Luck, Faith, or Fate. It either happens or it doesn’t. I’m not waving the flag of everybody fails cuz that just ain’t the truth. Most do, but on the contrary I’ve seen some real rags to riches shit. Some real proof that it has nothing to do with talent, status, or “Who’s the hottest. I got a picture with Luda when he was the on air DJ at the radio station in Atlanta. He was interviewing me about TNSMC. Him and his boy Poon was pissed about something with the station and u can see how mad he was in the pic. It’s funny as shit cuz we look real young and he had on a TQ T-Shirt…lol! I remember dude distinctly saying “This ain’t gonna be 4 long…”. It wasn’t 4 long… I remember 50 in New York on the street next to then CM bus talkin’ bout “Yall don’t know me now but yall gonna know me!” lol! Look at that fool now. Lol! Some niggas go against the odds and just make the shit happen. While I was with Cash Money, Baby coulda signed TI, Jeezy, Kanye, Boosie and Webbie, BONE, and Yo Gotti that I can remember. He said he didn’t need them. I guess he didn’t. I guess they didn’t need him either.

To the other end of the spectrum, when I was signed to Atlantic, I actually had a labelmate kill himself…

Welcome to Hollywood.

The one thing I do know is that it takes more than somebody’s good advice to make it out here. If u make it and keep your sanity you’ll love it. Sometimes I just drop the top and drive up the coast. Shit I remember how bad shit used to be. That let’s u know how much worse it could be now. Sometimes I take a deep breath and say Thank God I’m from the 90′s. It’s a blessing that nothing is new with this job these days…

For the ones with the huge ambitions and big dreams u gotta wish them luck. No feeling like a dream coming true… But if by chance u pop ur CD in and it sounds like stir fried dog shit don’t waste people’s time who do this professionally. I remember one cat coming to me saying “Bruh check this out my shit garbage but maybe I can come up… Most of the shit I hear on the radio is garbage too!” LOL!

Dude had a serious point. This is a fact. Randy Moss would leave me at the line of scrimmage. Larry Fitz would jump completely over my head and score like I wasn’t there. If I played a one on one against Bron I would not score. I don’t care if we played to 100. I couldn’t block a Wayne Rooney header if I had a brick wall in front of goal. All this is fact. So what makes a man listen to the new Wayne mixtape and feel like he’s the new Wayne? Gotta be the pills… Or those purple drinks yall like…

How many times has the hottest girl in Ur lil hood gave away everything to pursue a life in Hollywood? How many times did she come home with her tail between her legs? How many times has she took up residence down the road on Skid Row? How many times has she taken home Mr. Oscar?

Anything can happen. Let the 1st question be, Am I serious? By all means pursue Ur dreams… By all means MAKE IT. Get a star on the Blvd and take a bow. What the world needs now is good art! But if by chance Ur main thing is a quick buck, be real about it and handle it as such. All respect to T-Pain who’s the first one to tell u that he ain’t no Luther Vandross… But who can sing his songs better than him? Nobody. There’s room here for creativity. CREATE! But understand that Frooty Loops on Ur laptop doesn’t make u a producer… Consistently make hot shit with that laptop and Ur on Ur way…

And a word to the worthy… By all means keep it up. U never know where it comes from. Sometimes it just falls out the sky. Sometimes u get rejected and sent home… Make the trip back. We need u. What we don’t need is another Akon. We don’t need another Jay Z or Alicia Keys. We have them already and they still make good, successful music. We need another Luther. We need another Mike. Gimmie a 2Pac please! They’re gone… Actually we need some good original gifts in the form of Musicians. Where r u?

The quick buck has killed Black Music and it’s lonely in Hollywood. We are a dying breed and we need some help.

Please Help.

This was the inspiration for the 6th song on my new album Kind of Blue entitled “Hollywood”. It’s a throwback to say the least… U’ll notice when u hear it…

Kind of Blue will be in stores and online March 23rd… Tell Somebody to tell somebody.

Good Music is on the horizon…